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Get A Laser Based Fungal Nail Infection Treatment With No Pains At All!

Fungal nail infections are caused by fungi – they are tiny organisms that live and multiply in nails. Most fungi are dermatophytes, which means they feed off of keratin, a protein found in nails. When the person has a fungal nail infection, the fungi break down keratin and create a dark, slimy coating over the nail. Fungi can also infect toenails or fingernails. Click here

Fungal Nail Treatment – Some Information

The most common cause of a fungal nail infection is an injury to the skin around the nail. A cut or scrape near the nail can expose the skin to an infection. You might also get a white spot fungal nail infection if you frequently scrape at your nail, which can also cause it to become unhealthy. You might notice white spots on the skin around your mouth and around your ears as well. If you develop any of these kinds of fungal skin infections, you should see a doctor right away.

Nail fungal infections are very difficult to treat. While there are several medications available that you can use to treat them, most of them have serious side effects. If you don’t treat your infection in a timely manner, you could develop an infection in other, more vulnerable parts of your body, such as the skin around your genitals, under your breasts or on your fingers. Fungal nail infections are more common in people who have diabetes and are undergoing immunosuppressant treatments like chemotherapy. However, they can also affect people with normal immune systems.

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