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What Are the Main Differences Between a Nickel-Cadmium Battery and a Ni CD Battery?

ni cd battery

A Ni CD Battery can be considered a modern day rechargeable battery. This type of battery has been around for quite some time but it was not until the late eighties when it really started to gain popularity in the market. The Ni CD battery uses a cadmium metal cathode and a Nickel Hydrogen battery has two layers of different types of cadmium types with the first layer being a Ni metal cathode while the second layer is a Ni hydrogen battery. Most people would say that this type of battery is quite similar to a Nickel Cadmium Battery but there are some differences to the both the type of batteries.


Ni CD Batteries can be recharged. Most of these batteries use a Ni Cd battery cell which can be recharged through the use of a trickle charger. These batteries can also be used on vehicles such as cars and trucks, although most car owners prefer to use a Ni metal battery or NiMH battery. There are a number of advantages to these types of batteries. The NiCD batteries have better discharge rates that can go well above the hundred percent mark. This allows for NI CD batteries to be used for things like toys and other electric items.


These two layers of cells form a kind of battery that is similar to what is used in electronic and smoke detectors. In fact these two layers are even somewhat similar to the lithium ion batteries. The only major difference is that they use two layers. The reason why NiCd has two layers is that it allows more current to flow through the battery. This allows for the battery to work for longer periods of time before having to be recharged. Recharging a NiCd battery can take a couple of months while a NiMH can be recharged in a few hours.

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