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Wonderful Wedding Locations In Melbourne



On the day, things don’t generally go to plan and areas are, once in a while, included or eliminated on the fly, however that is absolutely alright on the off chance that you had an extraordinary plan to begin with. 

Here are only a portion of our favorite wedding photography areas and close by reception venues: 


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South Melbourne Town Hall 

Situated on Bank Road in South Melbourne, South Melbourne Town Hall is viewed as the “baby Parliament House” as they have shared loads of comparable elements together. At the South Melbourne Town Hall, it offers comparable steps, pillars, and doors of the Parliament House but with less pedestrian activity. Its geographic area offers the couple a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere to do wedding photography. You could likewise arrange the big day vehicle parking before the buildings. Presently, your picture taker could capture you, the vehicles, and the backdrop historical structure in one picture. Furthermore, there are some iconic Melbourne wedding gatherings set close by – Crown, Luminare, The Park, Carousel, Show Time Event Center, Cargo Hall, and Aerial. You typically won’t require more than 10 mins to drive there. 

Albeit South Melbourne Town Hall typically doesn’t have loads of sightseers, it is a spot amazingly preferred by Melbourne wedding picture takers. I have seen 4 couples before the Town Hall and have their own wedding picture taker catching them. 


Parliament House 

Developed somewhere in the range of 1855 and 1929, Parliament House is ideal for those searching for something fabulous, exemplary, and notable as background to their exceptionally significant wedding photographs. Recorded on the Victorian Heritage Register, and having celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2005-06, Melbourne’s Parliament House is notable and subsequently famous among sightseers and – obviously – weddings! 

On the off chance that you are planning to visit Parliament House on your big day, remember that this specific area is situated in an extremely busy and famous area in Melbourne’s CBD. In case you’re not into the buzzing about the city, maybe this wedding photography area isn’t for you. 

On the off chance that you do proceed with your Parliament House wedding photographs, however, you will wind up with something immortal, exemplary, and genuinely wonderful in a memorable setting. 


RMIT University 

Dispersed in the Melbourne CBD, RMIT University has a couple of heritage recorded structures and contemporary architectures where it could be your ideal wedding photograph area. One of the most notable areas is Building 20 at the side of Russell St and La Trobe St. Used to be the Magistrates’ Court, This noteworthy structure’s Romanesque style mix the antiquated British feel in your wedding photographs. 

On the off chance that you lean toward contemporary architecture as the foundation for your wedding photographs, the Design Archives Building on Victoria Street is a sublime decision. The round mirror rendered wall and the pathway with full height glass on sides will carry the modern and imaginative feeling to wedding photography. 

As a state-funded college, RMIT is regularly busy during the weekdays. So setting out there toward a weekend wedding is more practical than weekdays. If you intend to have a weekday wedding, it is presumably not the opportune spot to shoot wedding photographs. 


Carlton Gardens 

A well-known spot for an excellent reason – no license required and loads of open space in the manicured gardens and sweeping paths. There’s additionally the pleasant Royal Exhibition building, current Melbourne Museum, and the Rubix Cube wall, so you could undoubtedly spend a whole shoot here and make it seem as though you headed out to three unique areas. Incredible for San Remo Ballroom. 


For a great many couples the nation over, booking a trustworthy, experienced wedding picture taker is only the beginning of their journey toward making exceptional and ageless wedding photographs. For those Melbourne couples who essentially have no clue about where to travel to for their wedding photographs, our rundown exhibiting the best Melbourne wedding photograph areas is the ideal spot to begin. You can also visit this website for a more comprehensive list of the ideal locations for your wedding photographs in Melbourne.


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