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The Roadworthy MRT Vehicle

Mobile Roadworthys are another of the major manufacturers of road vehicles in England. These vehicles have a long history in motor car racing, and also for police and military use. Roadworthy was first founded in 1875 by the John Lonsdale Company, based in Leicester. This company specialized in making and selling electric and hydraulic-powered vehicles. They were well known for making race cars for both private and government use.

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The company was known for using electric motor vehicles as well as petrol engines. As technology improved, the company made more efficient vehicles for both racing and civilian usage. Today’s Roadworthy models use either petrol or diesel engines to power them. They can also be fitted with other advanced technological features including computerized braking systems. Some of the models feature safety and security features such as anti-lock braking systems, steering and suspension systems, and even air bags. Most of the vehicles that have been manufactured over the years are equipped with the latest safety features available in the road vehicles market today.

There are many roadworthy motorcar racing companies all over the world that produce their own range of mobile roadworthy for racing purposes. One of these companies is Motor Racing Equipment. The company makes several models of Roadworthy vehicles such as the Roadworkmobile R/C vehicle and the Streetwise R/C vehicle. These models are also known as “streetwise” versions of the vehicles. These vehicles are designed to provide maximum performance and speed.

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