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Find the Right Wisdom Teeth Extraction Dentist in Shreveport

A good wisdom tooth extraction dentist in Shreveport will give you the best care possible for the procedure. There are several ways to remove a wisdom tooth from your mouth, and these dentists can offer you the best results. Here are some examples of the methods that they perform, as well as the reasons you should go to their office.


The first way to remove your wisdom teeth is through a simple surgical procedure that only requires an open bite. This is typically done on people who have several wisdom teeth and have not used any form of treatment. After an open bite, the doctor will use a laser to blast away the teeth that are causing the pain. This can be performed at the local clinic, or it may be performed in an office across town at the dentist’s office.

Another method for removing a few teeth is through traditional oral surgery. The doctor will make an incision in your gums, and he will remove the wisdom teeth through this. Some people prefer to have all of their wisdom teeth removed through this method, but this is not recommended. This may be a painful procedure, especially if you have any extra teeth that need to be removed as well.

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