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Graco 4Ever versus Extend2Fit – Baby Car Seats, the Dilemma for New Parents

You may be surprised how much comfort a booster seat can provide your, Graco 4Ever versus Extend2Fit. You can purchase a convertible seat that folds up compactly for easy storage. If you choose this method, your infant can be safely seated in the car seat and your child can be safely and securely cradled in the booster seat.

Graco 4Ever versus Extend2Fit -Graco Platinum Convertible Car Seat Collection ABC Kids

If you choose a convertible car seat and a booster seat, you may be able to get the same features at a cheaper price. If you cannot afford the same features in a car seat, you may be able to purchase the same features in a booster seat for much less. Look for a booster seat that has the same features, but with fewer features, like a seat belt and a hood. If you can afford them, consider buying both a convertible and a booster seat.

In addition to looking for a car seat that is convertible and a booster seat, you may want to consider purchasing a booster seat that can be used in conjunction with a convertible seat. If you have two children, you may want to have a booster seat with an infant seat that converts into a convertible when your child outgrows the car seat. This allows you to use one car seat for all of your children.

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